Restarting the Journey

Forgive the mess! It’s so messy around here, but it’s so much cleaner than what it was!

I am currently in the process of re-doing my website, since I decided it was time to re-brand myself, making it responsive and mobile-friendly like a good coder. Eventually I want to add a custom little shop, using woocommerce. Custom items that are both in my Etsy story, but also exclusive for this site only. This may also include custom services, once I finish sorting out all the numbers.

Anyway, given the hour it is time I pack up and head to bed. More work to do but I am very happy with the progress!

UPDATE: After a few more hours I was able to fill in the rest. I am still sorting out a few of the little tweeks here and there, but I am insanely happy with the progress I made in a short time -once I decided to shift away from HTML/CSS to just using WordPress. A nice brush-up of skills.

A quick shout-out to Lovely miss Kathy Campbell for her help with my re-branding. She inspired me to help inspire others. Thank you!