Be Brave Campaign

Successfully funded on Kickstarter by 165 Backers who raised $2,700, the “Be Brave Enough to Fail” Campaign has taken its first steps in the world to change the way we look at failures.

As an avid Critical Role fan (a D&D Stream on Twitch and YouTube), I fell in love with the player’s ability to own all their ‘failures’. Natural 1 failure rolls brought profound character development which started to inspire character and art in numerous fans, including myself. So I started writing more. Painting more. Realizing I learned way more about myself in the things I did and failed in than anything I never tried to do. The continued strong encouragement that we can not achieve something without failing a few times first. What’s the point of learning something if we already know it, right?

Before we can ever succeed, we have to learn to fail. So Fail Often, Fail Beautifully, Fail with Purpose.

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