Project: Heartland Horseshoeing School

When I am not out writing roleplay or chasing my kids out of the kitchen (mainly the fridge), commissions cross my plate that are both fun and a challenge. Initially meant to be a quick update and a clean up of malware, the hiccup with the malware was a bigger deal than initially thought of.

So one hosting move to my own host, Dreamhost, and some more malware clean up, Heartland Horseshoeing School now has a new, lovely, and malware-free home! Dreamhost offers a 1.50$ a month scan which found things that my own scans did not find, which was not only a relief but made that single service well worth the move. (In my opinion.)

Having jumped around a few hosting places myself. First Brinkster, then Bluehost and now Dreamhost. Often the shift was due to both the quality of service, the usage of the CPanel and simply how well and helpful the tech aids are. While all were good in their time, Dreamhost really has excelled in so many ways.

At the end of it all, I have a very happy client who is more than willing to nudge a few more jobs my way. Thanks, DeAnna. I promise to take good care of this one too.