Ariescapes is the home of Andrea Fornero’s Portfolio. The name originates from Andrea’s long-standing online handle “Arie” combined with “-scapes” to create a type of scene, or place, like “Arie’s place”. A self-taught Website and Graphics Designer, earning a Diploma with Honors from CDI College, completely self-motivated in improving various skills not only with graphics in both physical and digital media but also web designing in HTML and PHP based platforms.

Artist and Web Designer; Andrea has been a hobby-based artist all her life, and web-based since 1999. Her work often comes in bursts of inspiration which leads to many new and innovative styles and techniques. Both have become more defined over the years along with the ever-evolving technology that is available to the public market.

Recent work has been exploring acrylic paint as a medium, and refreshing her use in watercolor and pencil sketching.