Project: In Flight

I have started focusing more and more on my hand-crafts, and with that comes my addition to the BirdWhisperer Project on Facebook. What does that mean for this website? Well, I will continue offering my services as a web designer and such, but chances are this place may morph into a place to showcase art as well. It’s pretty evident with my Instagram feed. Between my art, writing, job and being a mom and wife, life is going to continue to change and grow for me. An interesting end to 2017, but it’s looking like 2018 will be pretty artsy for me!

I’m kinda excited for it, too!

Project: Paint and an Update

When one is fully employed by a corporate business it is only natural that the casual freelance work falls to the wayside a little. While I am still working as a freelancer and have a few projects that cross my plate, the little things I do is now often taken up by the 40-hour work week and children. And while coding a website and playing with colors in graphics still happens on occasion the creative mind wanders a little.

Since I work in a place that gives me a discount on art supplies, it felt only natural to apply the playing of colors to a more traditional canvas. While it does feel like novice work, a few pieces will likely find its way into my Etsy shop once I grow happier with the pieces I produce. Until then, please feel free to follow my Instagram feed. You’ll see updates on not just my paintings, but also my knitting and the frequent shenanigans my children get into.

Resources: Din Patterns

DIN PATTERN is another one of my favorite resources. In fact the theme of my previous brand was inspired by the above pattern, it’s colors being something I still love. DIN PATTERNS is also fantastic in how diverse their patterns are, and have a little something for a variety of styles and personal or professional tastes. They have a unique and colorful take on backgrounds, but also available tutorials on how to made some of their electrifying patterns, and also links and images to what inspired them.

From Freebies, a Shop, to Inspiration board to Tutorials, they have just enough of everything to help any designer with their next project!

Resources: Design Seeds

I’ll admit that I am not much of a Blog Writer. Sometimes I have lots to say on a topic, others I am more likely to just point and say “look! shiny!” and let you see for yourself. This is one of those “Shiny” places that really does speak volumes all on its own.

[button color=”purple”]Design Seeds celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living.[/button]

DESIGN SEEDS is one of those resources that pushes the idea of Color and Inspiration into something unique and beautiful. I have been following it for quite a few years, and it has been the source of quite a few design idea’s, color combinations I might never have thought up. It is elegance in simplicity which makes for the perfect colored canvas.

Don’t believe me? Check it out yourself!